Dental Implants: The Next Best Thing to Natural Teeth

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Dental Implants: The Next Best Thing to Natural Teeth 

Do you have one or more missing teeth that make you self-conscious and prevent you from speaking and smiling in public? Do you have difficulty eating and speaking with your old dentures? Are you looking for a durable and natural-looking option for your missing teeth? If the answer to the above questions is a yes, dental implants in Bangalore are the answer to all your problems. Below, we explain why dental implants are the best solution to replacing missing teeth. 

What is a dental implant?

According to the Indian Dental Association, dental implants are titanium-based, screw-shaped fixtures that are anchored into the jawbone and serve as replacement roots. Over time, dental implants become firmly embedded within the bone and provide a sturdy foundation for the attachment of artificial teeth. 

Am I a suitable candidate for getting implants?

Any individual who has lost one or more teeth and has good oral and physical health is a candidate for getting dental implants. Dental implants are anchored into the jawbone, however, so sufficient jawbone should be available to support them. If you do not have adequate jawbone tissue available, there is no need to worry; your dentist will replenish the deficient bone tissue by using natural or synthetic bone grafts. 

Whether you have lost a single tooth or all teeth in your jaw, with dental implants you’ll get both natural aesthetics and durability while replacing your missing teeth. Dental implant surgery can help you solve any of the following problems:

  • Poor Fitting and Stained Dentures – if you have old, unaesthetic, and uncomfortable dentures, then you should consider getting an implant-supported prosthesis. 
  • Missing Tooth – if you have a missing tooth, your dentist will replace it with an implant-supported crown that blends in perfectly with your natural teeth and becomes virtually indistinguishable. 
  • Multiple Missing Teeth – for multiple missing teeth, your dentist may attach an over-denture or a bridge over two or more implants to restore your smile and dental function. 
  • Complete Tooth Loss – even in a case of complete tooth loss, your dentist can replace all your missing teeth by way of 4 or 6 implants that support a complete fixed bridge. 

What is the procedure for getting dental implants?

Successful tooth replacement with dental implants requires precision, careful treatment planning, and superior clinical expertise. This is why experienced dentists perform implant surgeries in stages. 

  • Clinical Examination and Treatment Planning – during your first appointment, your dentist will perform a thorough clinical examination to assess your eligibility for getting implants. They will also evaluate the models and x-ray images of your teeth to ascertain the number of implants needed and the type of prosthesis required for tooth replacement. 

  • Dental Implant Surgery – during the next appointment, your dentist will insert the implants. First, they will administer local anesthesia to make the procedure pain-free and leave you relaxed. Next, they will make an incision to expose the jawbone where the implants are to be inserted. They will then drill a hole in the bone, which is followed by careful implant insertion using gentle and controlled forces. 

  • Implant Loading – Once the implants are in place, your dentist will attach a healing collar over them to ensure undisturbed healing. They may attach a temporary restoration over the implant so that you don’t have to go without your teeth during the healing phase, which lasts for about 4-6 months. 

After a few months, your dentist will evaluate the healing progress. If the implant has become firmly embedded, they will attach the permanent restoration – a crown, bridge, or a denture, depending on the number and location of missing teeth – to complete the artificial tooth structure. This process is known as implant loading. Now, you are a proud owner of a healthy and beautiful smile. 

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Every year, 2.3 million implant-supported crowns are prepared in the US alone. Dental implants are popular – and growing – but if you’re still not sure whether they are right for you, the pros listed below may help you decide:

  • Durability – according to the American Dental Association, dental implants can last a lifetime if they are looked after properly.
  • Aesthetics – dental implants allow for the attachment of naturally beautiful zirconia crowns and bridges that are virtually indistinguishable from your teeth, thus improving your smile and self-esteem. 
  • Eat What You Love – unlike removable dentures, you can eat all your favourite foods, even steaks, nuts, and candies. 
  • Natural Tooth Conservation – unlike dentures and bridges, implants do not require sacrificing natural tooth structure for their attachment. 

Dental implants have quickly become India’s most sought-after tooth replacement option due to their aesthetics and ability to fully restore dental function. Although the cost of dental implants may be slightly higher than other tooth-replacement options, considering their lifelong durability, it is a small price to pay.

If you would like more information, we would be happy to answer any questions. Visit us today at Specialty Dental Clinic for a consultation and take your first step towards better oral health and a confident and attractive smile with dental implants.

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