Smile Makeovers Trend: Worth it, or not?

Smile Makeovers Worth it, or not

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Smile makeovers refer to a variety of dental cosmetic treatments that restore, transform, and improve the shape and appearance of your teeth—at times, even your jaw health—and your smile itself. 

Before you choose to undergo a smile makeover treatment, openly discuss your goals and expectations with your dentist so that you stay satisfied in the long-run. 

Smile makeovers: Things to consider 

At Specialty Dental Clinic, we assess your dental health and, accordingly, adjust the treatment plan to cater to your specific needs. 

  1. Spacing and alignment

Smile makeovers can help if you have misaligned, widely spaced or even overcrowded teeth. Too many spaces between teeth can make brushing and flossing harder, and affect your oral health and self-confidence. 

If you’re embarrassed about the gaps between your teeth, or the way your smile looks, simply search “smile makeover near me” to find our clinics in Bangalore. 

  1. Discoloured teeth

Coffee, tea, alcohol, and other acidic foods, including those rich in sugar, can attack the enamel, which results in stained or yellowish teeth. Teeth whitening and Hollywood smile makeover treatments are two ways to deal with discoloured teeth.

  1. Disproportionate teeth

Smile makeovers are, at times, a necessity; improperly sized, or asymmetrical teeth not only impact your smile and appearance, but also affect speech patterns, eating habits, and dental health and hygiene. 

  1. Missing or broken teeth

Chipped or missing teeth at the front of your mouth often make us shy and uncomfortable in public. But broken or missing teeth can lead to more significant problems, such as tooth decay, so cosmetic dental treatments can restore your broken teeth and fix your smile at the same time.

What does a smile makeover involve?

The requirements and results of a smile makeover are unique, so talking to your dentist is important before you go for a smile design in Bangalore. Some of the smile makeover treatments that we deliver include:

  • Teeth whitening

Unlike over-the-counter teeth whitening products that claim to achieve whiter teeth, after extensive use, professional teeth whitening will restore the lustre of your smile. 

  • Porcelain veneers

Veneers are a great way of fixing chipped, broken, and uneven teeth. These are especially produced for each patient using a thin, but, highly durable layer of porcelain used as a coating on the surface of teeth. 

  • Dental Bonding

Dental bonding efficiently repairs damaged teeth and replaces lost enamel. Your dentist will use a malleable white composite resin that hardens into a substantial restoration. It will blend well with your actual tooth enamel and produce a seemingly natural appearance. 

  • Implants

Dental implants work whether you lose a tooth or an entire set of teeth. Your dentist will first implant a custom-made implant that acts as a root. Once the area heals completely, a crown that matches the existing teeth is attached to create a beautiful and natural smile. Implants can also be used to replace dentures. 

  • Invisalign

The only treatment for misaligned teeth, previously, were wired metal braces. Invisalign trays, in contrast, are transparent braces that give better results in a much shorter time frame with reduced discomfort. Because Invisalign aligners are removable, eating and brushing your teeth won’t be a problem either. 


  1. Who is eligible for a smile design treatment?

A detailed consultation with your dentist is crucial before you agree to a cosmetic dental procedure. You are eligible for a makeover even if you have excellent oral health, as long as you feel that the minor imperfections in your teeth affect your appearance. 

  1. Are there any side effects of smile makeovers?

Smile makeovers generally do not have serious side effects. In some cases, you may experience minor side effects, such as increased sensitivity in your teeth, inflammation in the gums, etc, but these usually subside in a couple of days.

  1. How much does a smile makeover cost in Bangalore?

A) The cost of a smile makeover depends on your treatment plan and the clinic you choose. If you want to get the premium smile makeover with competitive rates, our Specialty Dental Clinic can be your best choice to experience a smile makeover in Richmond Town, Bangalore.

Make time for a makeover, you’re worth it

Beautiful smiles build confidence and bigger social circles. We’re confident that we can give you the smile you seek.

For a high-quality smile makeover in Bangalore, performed by experienced dentists who deeply care about your needs and wants, you can find us in both Richmond Town and Jayamahal. Contact us to get a smile makeover consultation.

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